Looking for a table top fridge? You've come to the right place!

Table top fridges are becoming increasingly popular, both for the convenience they provide and when space is at a premium.

Why would I want a table top fridge?

  • You already have a main fridge, but for convenience want a second, smaller fridge in another room where it's easily accessible - be it in your lounge or even bedroom.
  • Your main fridge is always full of food, and doesn't have room for drinks
  • Space is at a premium. For example, you might have a small kitchen, or live in a studio apartment
  • You share a communal kitchen, perhaps living in a flatshare or being a student in halls, and would like a fridge in your bedroom. No more finding your food or drink has been "borrowed"!

Where can I get a table top fridge?

Drinkstuff.com have an excellent selection of table top fridges, including ones branded with household names such as Coca Cola, Guiness and Budweiser! Be sure to check them out!

Below, we've also handpicked some of our favourite table top fridges. We are big fans of the Lec R5009W, Coolzone CZ51028TFR and IceKing TT60C.

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Lec DF50GC Wine and Beer Fridge
£139.00 Lec DF50GC Wine and Beer Fridge

The Lec DF50GC comes in a stylish black and silver finish, and won't look out of place in any room. With compact dimensions of H49 x W47 x D45cm, it certainly fits the bill if you want to chill up to ten bottles of wine and a dozen cans of your favourite tipple. The DF50GC is ideal if you often find yourself with no room in your main fridge and want a table top fridge to chill your drinks.

Zanussi ZRX407W Mini Fridge
£144.00 Zanussi ZRX407W Mini Fridge

The Zanussi ZRX407W carries the Zanussi pedigree, and is an "A+ rated" table top fridge. It even comes with a five litre ice box compartment, allowing you to keep your favourite drinks on chill whether you're relaxing in front of the TV or having friends over for a barbeque. With dimensions of H52 x W52.5 x D58.7cm, it will accommodate one full size bottle in the reversible door and includes both a rack and two shelves.

Argos Value Range DF1-06
£69.99 + £3.95 delivery Argos Value Range DF1-06

Another good table top fridge for those on a budget is the Argos Value Range DF1-06. Despite the competitive price tag, it has a reasonable selection of features, including one wire shelf, a reversible door and a door bottle rack. The DF1-06 features manual temperature control. The net storage volume of this white table top fridge is 44 litres, split between fresh food (38 litres) and frozen food (6 litres). It has an "A" energy rating. With a height of 51cm, a width of 44cm and a depth of 47cm, it will leave the kind of small footprint you expect of a table top fridge.

Coolzone CZ51028TFR
£93.97 Coolzone CZ51028TFR

In terms of price, the Coolzone CZ51028TFR can be considered a midrange table top fridge. It will fit neatly on your chosen surface, measuring H48 x W47 X D45cm. It has a 50 litre capacity, which is the equivalent of 1.8 cubic foot. Equipped with both a shelf bottle balcony and an ice box, the CZ51028TFR comes in a white finish and will serve your refrigeration needs well.

Fridgemaster MTRR49TTA
£99.97 + £3.00 delivery Fridgemaster MTRR49TTA

The Fridgemaster MTRR49TT is an extremely popular table top fridge. It is excellent for those on a budget, and carries an "A" efficiency rating. With a 51 litre, or 18 cu ft, capacity, the MTRR49TT has both reversible doors and a four litre ice compartment. It has tidy dimensions of 52.5cm x 44cm x 49cm, and will look smart and discreet in any room.

Lec R5009W
£149.98 Lec R5009W

The Lec R5009W is an excellent table top fridge with a competitive price tag. With a gross capacity of 46 litres, it carries an A energy efficiency rating. Other features include a wire shelf, an ice box and a reversible door. The R5009W has dimensions of 492 x 472 x 450mm (H x W x D) making it perfectly suited to your table top. All in all, the Lec R5009W comes highly recommended.

IceKing TT60C
£107.99 IceKing TT60C

The IceKing TT60C is an "A-rated" table top fridge, with a 47 litre capacity. It's feature packed, with noteable features including the reversible door, and adjustable thermostat and feet. It's also well-equipped inside, with one wire shelf, a door rack and an ice rack. With dimensions of 52.2 x 47.5 x 44.7cm (HxWxD), it'll look neat and tidy on whichever surface you choose to put it. With all this coupled with an attractive price tag, it's hard to fault the IceKing.

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